Enlightening Addiction – Video Course

This video course will air in Q2-Q3 2023.

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Addiction is a very personal and sensitive topic. Nearly everybody is affected by it to varying degrees.
In this video course I want to inspire you to grow your inner awareness for the addictive parts of yourself.
Addiction can be embedded in our daily life like caffeine, sugar, or unhealthy food. It may be part of our social life like cigarettes, alcohol, or weed. It can be hidden like pills, medicine, or illegal drugs. It can be digital like computer games, social media, or porn. It can be behavioral like work, sex, or unhealthy relationships.

“What is really happening with myself due to addiction?”

We look at the…

  • level of mind and all his excuses and illusions, but also its pressures and needs for control,
  • level of emotions, all its unfulfilled needs and dreams, and the fear of feeling sadness and emotional pain,
  • level of energy, how we deal with pleasure and displeasure, tension, and relaxation,
  • level of physical body, and how his natural reaction to negative substances and behavior is overruled and turned into craving.

There are three types of videos:

  • Explanation videos for your intellectual mind,
  • Mindfulness training videos for your awareness of body, energy, emotions, and the mind,
  • Imagination videos to contact deeper parts of yourself.

The methods start, where your willpower, your positive mind, your positive affirmations, and self-hypnosis end. This course tries to help you uncover deeper layers of yourself and find back into natural states of being without pressuring yourself into it. The Inner Child in you, that turns to addiction because of unfulfilled needs and fear, is not further abandoned. Rather we try to bring these dynamics into the light of our awareness to find better and more mature ways to fulfill our needs – without the collateral damage of addiction.

The video course should inspire you to make a step, or a leap forward in your journey with addiction, which is awesome. But I also want to warn you, the course will neither bring you to the end of your journey, nor will it be an exact step by step manual of what you must do to heal yourself. The idea – that something outside of ourselves solves all the big inner conflicts – is part of the problem, not the solution. I will present lots of ideas and different perspectives about your inner dynamics. You take with you, what fits into your journey at a given moment in time.

If you suffer from severe mental or physical symptoms, please contact a doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or similar.
Feel free to take this course in addition to your other treatments.

I wish you all the best and have an amazing adventurous journey into yourself.