Releasing Energetic Cords – Video Course

This course will air Q2-Q3 2023.

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Energetic cords are naturally built between parents and their children. They function as an umbilical energetic bond, which slowly disappears over time. This is called growing up.

Parents, who have not healed their own childhood wounds, will sooner or later unconsciously project their own unresolved pain onto the very sensitive body of the child. This leads to negative energetic connections. Fear of letting go can fixate both sides on the relationship, preventing cords from naturally dissolving.

In intimate relationships, there is a regular exchange on different levels of energy. After sexual intercourse strong and beautiful cords emerge. These cords last longer than the physical connection, but also disappear over time. We do not want to stay emotionally connected to our partners all day long. Like the parental cords, fear causes us to fixate on these cords, not allowing them to resolve naturally. The exchange becomes a power struggle.

Enmeshment, narcissism, and codependency are typical relational coping styles where a lot of energetic entanglement, fear and confusion is created.

If a cord cannot be released easily, a part of ourselves is still unconsciously holding onto it. The hardest cords to release are based on unresolved childhood trauma.

Cords can be linked to the energy field of…

  • your whole body,
  • your organs,
  • or your nervous system.

Psychology does not clearly distinguish between energy that is a repressed part of ourselves, and energy that belongs to somebody else lurking around in our energy body.

When an energy attacks us in our own system (introject), it can either be

  • a part of ourselves, which pushes us before somebody else does – because it is less painful,
  • or it is an aggressive energy of somebody else projected onto and into us.

Parts of ourselves belong to us, even when they are evil, they need to be treated with love, compassion, full acceptance and openness – so they can transform. Parts, that do not belong to our energy system, can never be transformed by ourselves. Loving them, being mindful and compassionate always helps, at least for our own share of the deal, but the power of transformation belongs to the owner of the energy. So, in that case we need to cut the cords and give their energy back to its creator. At the same time we need to take back the parts of ourselves that we projected onto other people’s fields.

Although a cord is not physical, it has effects on our physical bodies. The body contracts around it and numbs this specific area. Its natural reactions – disgust and anger – are repressed. Emotionally, there is a lot of shame and guilt protecting the cord from conscious awareness. Behind it, an inner child is hiding in fear of being attacked or abandoned. This inner child is typically in relationship with the negative foreign energy. The connection can be so strong, that the energies appear as melted together.

Negative energy transmitted through a cord is a direct attack against the core of our personality. As a consequence, we are not feeling safe. Therefore, our defenses are up 24/7. It feels as if we were in the body of a child, not being protected from our own energy field, our own strength.

Unhealed wounds, usually emotional wounds, are like holes in the auric field of our body. We are prone to build energetic cords there.

The course contains three types of videos:

  • Explanation videos for your intellectual mind
  • Mindfulness training videos for your awareness of body, energy, emotions, and the mind
  • Imagination videos to contact deeper parts of ourselves

The course requires that you have already done some inner child work – that you have practiced some mindful awareness of body, energy, and emotions. You should have brought at least bits of your inner pain into your conscious awareness.

If not, look at the fundamental course Connecting with your Inner Child.

The focus of this course are energetic cords to other people alive. They are the most powerful ones. But there can be all kinds of cords – to people, to groups, to dead people, to unresolved family karma, to old lives of oneself, to the karma of a state, of humanity, to other energy beings, etc.

If you suffer from severe mental or physical symptoms, please contact a doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or similar.
Feel free to attend this live seminar in addition to your other treatments.

I wish you a powerful releasing journey to become more of who you really are and meant to be.